Highlights from Display Week 2022

Sweta Dash, Founder and President at Dash-Insights
Robert J (Bob) O’Brien, Co-Founder, Principal and CFO at DSCC
David Naranjo, Senior Director at DSCC

Presentation Abstract

Every year BASID invites industry experts to give their thoughts and insight on products and technologies that were showcased at Display Week 2022. This year we are pleased to welcome speakers from dash-insights and DSCC to share with us their take on Display Week 2022!

Sweta Dash: Emerging Display Technologies at SID Display Week 2022

Display Week 2022 showcased products based on emerging display technologies such as OLED, QD OLED, MiniLED, MicroLED, NanoLED. This presentation will focus on the market implications of these emerging display technologies on various application markets such as TV, monitor, notebook, tablet, smartphones auto, AR/VR and others.

Robert J (Bob) O’Brien: 2022 Display Week – Industry Update and TV Highlights

This presentation will focus on DSCC’s key takeaways for TV display technologies/market trends from the SID/DSSC Business Conference, Exhibits and Symposium.

David Naranjo: 2022 Display Week – Industry Update & Smartphones / IT Displays Highlights

This presentation will focus on DSCC’s key takeaways for smartphones and IT display technologies/market trends from the SID/DSSC Business Conference, Exhibits and Symposium.

Sweta Dash, Dash-Insights

Sweta Dash is the Founder/President of Dash-Insights, a market research consulting firm based in San Jose, California, USA. It provides actionable insights for the Display Industry.

She has over 30 years of experience in the Display Industry market research. Her expertise spans the entire spectrum of Display technologies and application markets. She has authored numerous articles and is a well-known keynote speaker for major global industry events. She is a highly sought-after consultant.

Prior to starting Dash-Insights, Sweta was the Senior Director of Display Research, and Strategy at IHS Technology, and was the head of applied research, consulting and strategy. During her years at IHS and iSuppli, she was exceptionally accurate in forecasting LCD supply, demand, pricing, and technology adoption.

Sweta holds a Bachelor of Arts (Hons.) and a Master of Arts in Economics from the University of Toronto, Canada.

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Robert J (Bob) O’Brien, DSCC

Robert J (Bob) O’Brien is Co-Founder, Principal and CFO of DSCC. Bob has decades of experience turning market and business analysis into strategic insights in the display and electronics industries. At DSCC, Bob takes the lead role in analysis of display materials, including glass and AMOLED materials, and covers developments in TV and other large-screen display applications. He is the principal author of DSCC’s AMOLED Material Report, the Advanced TV Shipment Report, and the Display Glass Report, and Bob contributes regularly to the DSCC Weekly Review. 

Working at Corning from 2005-2016, as Director of Market Intelligence and Strategy for Corning Glass Technologies Bob developed an intelligence infrastructure to inform pricing strategy, product development, marketing communications and customer service strategy. He also developed external communications for investors and customers to realize Corning’s industry leading position.

Bob led the CGT intelligence team in building critical tools for analysis of both short- and long-term dynamics in the LCD industry. In response to Corning’s vulnerability to supply/demand swings, Bob developed an analytical model for predicting glass demand based on the supply/demand dynamics of the LCD value chain. The output of this model is frequently quoted in Corning’s earnings release and other communications. To increase understanding of the long-term dynamics of TV replacement, Bob led the efforts on consumer survey work to understand the replacement cycle of TV. As the cover glass market matured, Bob led the effort to explore and develop the Gorilla glass business in emerging markets.

Prior to Corning, Bob worked in engineering, product marketing, finance, and business intelligence for Philips Display Components and LG.Philips Displays. At Philips, Bob led a multi-division team evaluating potential opportunities in large display technologies, with comparative market and technology analysis of LCD, PDP, CRT, and projection. Bob prepared and executed financial and marketing expertise on the plasma display business for the due diligence process during the 2001 international merger which formed LG.Philips Displays.

Bob holds a BS in Applied and Engineering Physics from Cornell University and an MBA from the University of Michigan Business School. He lives in Ann Arbor, MI with his wife Mattie and three sons.

David Naranjo, DSCC

David joined DSCC in May 2021 as Senior Director. David has more than 20 years’ experience in the consumer and commercial electronics industry. David’s professional background includes a wide range of responsibilities in product development, product planning, product management, product marketing, data analytics, and executive /operational management. Prior experience includes working in the consumer and commercial electronics industry as Director of Business Line Management at ViewSonic, Director of Product Planning at Samsung Electronics, Director of Connected Products at Kenmore, Director of Product Management at Mitsubishi Digital Electronics and Group Manager at Panasonic.

He has served on CTA committees and the Video Board. He has been an invited speaker for technical and marketing presentations on the consumer and commercial markets for SID, CTA, FCC, Infocomm and NCTA conferences.

David enjoys hiking, exercising, running, refereeing soccer games, and giving back to the community. In his spare time, he is a substitute teacher for 6th -12th grade students mentors and tutors college students in Math, Science, Accounting, Finance and Economics.

David has a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering and an MBA in Finance and Marketing.