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July Seminar

Integrated Active Matrix Technologies for MicroLED displays

Ioannis (John) Kymissis
Kenneth Brayer Professor of Electrical Engineering at Columbia University and Chair of the Department of Electrical Engineering

Wednesday, July 20, 2022. 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM PDT

Kymissis July 20 2022

Presentation Abstract

MicroLEDs offer extraordinary performance characteristics and potential in both display and non-display applications. The long lifetime, high achievable luminance, outstanding color points, and high efficiency achievable using microLEDs is well recognized and has led to a number of demonstrations including application in microdisplays, intermediate-format transparent displays, large format chiplet-based mass transfer displays, and non-display applications such as superresolution microscopy.

There are, however, a number of challenges which remain in the microLED space. The first is the need for an active matrix to drive displays of any useful size. A second is the need for electrical and optical isolation of smaller pixels. A third is the need for high throughput approaches to examine and improve yield in devices. In this presentation we will discuss some of the solutions demonstrated at Lumiode and Columbia University to approach these issues. Lumiode has demonstrated the direct integration of a high performance backplane directly on the LED substrate using thin film transistors to provide the addressing, switching, and drive for displays. Lumiode has further demonstrated the use of ion implantation to deactivate the dopants in LED contact layers, permitting additional device isolation (down to 1.5 micron pixel size) without the introduction of etched areas that drive recombination and reduce efficiency. We will also review the use of cathodoluminescence for device analysis, strategies for contact optimization, and the development of smart chiplets, which permit the simultaneous assembly of an LED array and transistor backplane. The combination of these approaches offers a number of new elements potentially across a range of microLED display formats.

Ioannis (John) Kymissis

Kenneth Brayer Professor of Electrical Engineering at Columbia University and Chair of the Department of Electrical Engineering

Ioannis (John) Kymissis is the Kenneth Brayer Professor of Electrical Engineering at Columbia University and Chair of the Department of Electrical Engineering. He graduated with his SB, M.Eng., and Ph.D. degrees from MIT. His M.Eng. thesis was performed as a co-op at the IBM T.J. Watson Research Lab on organic thin-film transistors, and his Ph.D. was obtained in the Microsystems Technology Lab at MIT, working on field-emission displays. After graduation, he spent three years as a postdoc in MIT’s Laboratory for Organic Optics and Electronics, working on a variety of organic electronic devices, and also as a consulting engineer for QD Vision (later acquired by Samsung Electronics). He joined the faculty at Columbia University in electrical engineering in 2006. He is a fellow of the IEEE and SID, and was the general chair for the 2014 Device Research Conference.

BA-SID Seminar Details

Date: Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Time: 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm

Webinar ID: 637-377-587

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In-Person Seminar Location
2880 Zanker Road, Suite 103
San Jose, CA 95134

We are happy to announce that we are restarting in-person events. Please join us at our new location at ITRI to watch the presentation. 

The webinar will run in parallel with the in-person event as it did prior to the start of COVID19.

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Rashmi Rao

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Rashmi Rao

Rashmi seeks to work at the intersection of innovation, entrepreneurship and social impact and is constantly looking for ways to make lasting change in the world through technology. She works at Philips Healthcare, as the Business RnD Executive (SVP), leading a global team towards digital transformation for personal health and develop next generation telehealth offerings. She has a proven track record of accomplishment and has been instrumental in building and launching new businesses and products at Qualcomm, Apple, Samsung and Philips and also a couple start-up companies. Rashmi is a passionate advocate of STEM education and has 35+ awarded patents to her name. She has been recognized with numerous awards for her contributions to Technology and Business fields including being inducted into the Women in Technology “Hall of Fame” by WITI.

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