BA-SID Professional Person Spotlight

Hyun Sik (Stephen) Chae

Currently, Hyun Sik (Stephen) Chae is a manager of open innovation and R&D strategy working at Samsung Semiconductor Inc (SSI) at San Jose, creating a partnership and collaboration opportunity with startups and companies in broad spectrum of technologies areas with a focus on display related technologies. Prior to that, he worked as a manager of technology strategy and open innovation at Samsung Research America and as a senior researcher for 10 years at Nitto Denko Technical Corporation in the field of nano technology and with a special focus on OLED research from material discovery & synthesis, characterization to device engineering.

He obtained his Ph.D in chemistry from University of California, San Diego and holds more than 10 patents in the OLED related technology.

He is currently serving as an advisory board member for OLEDs World Summit since 2018.

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