Title: Honeywell Sponsored One-Day Bay Area Society for Information Display (BASID) Conference

Bay Area SID is proud to organize an exclusive one day technical seminar.  We have brought together over 15 speakers from all over the world to provide industry insight on the latest innovations in the display and related fields.

With only 120 seats available, this event is by invite only and is expected to be fully attended.  Please RSVP as soon as possible as the registration will close once all tickets are claimed.  Expired and Non-members can purchase a ticket with a one year membership.

This event is strictly for SID Members only. 

Don’t miss out on this exciting event – guaranteed to advance your technical and business knowledge in the future of display technology. 

If your ticket is rejected because of non-SID membership status, you may lose your opportunity to attend this exclusive event. 

Only one registration is allowed per invitation. 

Special thanks goes to Honeywell for sponsoring the event!