Speaker: Gregory T. (Greg) Niven, founder and the Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Necsel
Title: Bay Area SID 2016 Annual Dinner: What’s the Big Deal About Laser Cinema?

Abstract: Laser cinema projection has now arrived in the US, EU, and Asia. This talk will explore the long journey of getting high power, low cost visible lasers to market with this key application. What value drives the adoption of the lasers in the cinemas? What technology innovations allowed the high power lasers to get cheap enough to replace a Xenon lamp that sells for $1000? And, most of all, why will the patrons be demanding these new projectors in their local multiplex? In addition, the talk will wrap up with some thoughts of what could be next for these new laser products.

Speaker Biography: Gregory T. (Greg) Niven is a founder and the Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Necsel, which is now an Ushio Group company. He has spent the last 22 years involved with laser technology for the imaging and display markets. He previously worked for Arasor/Novalux, where he was the executive vice president of marketing, and Coherent, where he directed business development efforts in laser display and graphic arts. His career started in Canada where he participated in building the first laser-based computer-to-film and computer-to-plate imaging devices while working at Creo Products in Vancouver. He has also served as chairman of the Laser Illuminated Projection Association (LIPA). Greg was a graduate from the University of Alberta’s engineering physics program with a specialty in lasers and optics.