Speaker: Dr. Edzer Huitema, Polyera
Title: Robust Flexible Displays and Printed Electronics

Abstract: Flexible displays have been a promise for over a decade now with numerous demonstrations over the years, but without products utilizing them. One of the biggest challenges has been to combine the traditional processing methods and the currently used inorganic materials set with the requirements for flexible displays. Over the last decade Polyera has been developing a new materials set based on organic materials that solves this problem. Polyera is currently well on its way towards commercialization of these materials in flexible displays. The current status, performance, flexible displays and product prototypes will be presented, as well as the broader applicability of the materials in the printed electronics space.

Speaker Biography: Dr. Edzer Huitema is currently Chief Technology Officer of Polyera, a global start-up company enabling flexible electronics. Edzer has 15 years of experience in flexible, foldable, rollable displays and product development using flexible displays. Prior to joining Polyera, Edzer was the CTO of Polymer Vision, a Philips spin-out pioneering flexible displays and products incorporating them. Prior to that, Edzer held various management positions at Philips. Edzer holds over 140 granted U.S. and foreign patents, and has published over 40 papers and 3 book chapters on flexible electronics. Edzer holds a PhD (with honors) in Physical Chemistry from the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands.

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