Presentation Abstract

While the world has been fascinated by holographic and light field technology, Looking Glass Factory is the first company to ship consumer-ready, multi-viewer light field displays. Looking Glass displays have been garnering attention since they first launched back in 2018. More recently, the personal holographic display, Looking Glass Portrait, received ~10,000 orders via a crowdfunding effort. With this talk, Looking Glass Factory CEO, Shawn Frayne, will dive into the technology and provide an inside view of how the displays work and what makes them different, from capture to processing to display.

Shawn Frayne

A graduate of MIT, Shawn Frayne has been reaching towards the dream of the hologram for over 20 years. Shawn got his start with a classic laser interference pattern holographic studio he built in high school, followed by training in advanced holographic film techniques at MIT. He has been awarded dozens of patents around the world, the Popular Mechanics Breakthrough Award, and noted as one of the ‘20 Best Brains Under 40’ by Discover Magazine.

Shawn serves as co-founder and CEO of Looking Glass Factory working between their Brooklyn, NY and Hong Kong offices.

BA-SID Seminar Details

Date: Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Time: 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm

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