E Ink Color Technology, Product and Applications

Hui Karen Du, AVP, E Ink Corporation

Presentation Abstract

Have you seen the BMW iX Flow concept car at CES 2022? It is wrapped with E Ink digital paper and displays a transformation in the way surfaces are experienced.

E Ink Holdings Inc. is the worldwide leader of Electrophoretic display technology and products. Since 20 years ago, E Ink has transformed and defined the eReader market, enabling a new multi-billion dollar business. Over the last 10 years, the company has developed revolutionary electrophoretic ink with multi-color pigments that enable displays to show a variety of vivid and vibrant color images besides black and white.

During this presentation, the unique features and advantages of E Ink display technology will be introduced and compared with emissive display (LCD, or LED) technology. Further, E Ink’s color ink design, color generation mechanism, and display film structure will be discussed and the major products and applications in consumer electronics and IOT ranging from retail, home, hospital, transportation, smart packaging and fashion, etc that are enabled by color E Ink will be presented. Finally, the vision of smart surfaces with E Ink technology will be presented, a technology that will transform static spaces into something dynamic, spectacular, personalized, and informative.

Hui Karen Du

Hui Karen Du is the Associate Vice President at E Ink Corporation and currently leads the research department at Billerica, MA. She joined E Ink California (previously at SiPix Imaging) in 2009. Starting from black and white pigment research, she developed new color pigment chemistry and enabled the first electrophoretic display product with 3-particle and 4-particle ink. She is one of the major inventors and contributors to the E Ink SpectraTM 3000 and Spectra 3100TM platforms, which are showing rapid growth in markets such as IoT (internet of things), Manufacturing, Transportation, Healthcare, and Retail.

With strong leadership and project management experience, Karen has successfully led teams to convert complex research concepts into manufacturing ready technologies. She has also been an experienced product development leader and has brought innovative technology into commercial products in areas such as electrophoretic color displays.

Prior to E Ink, Karen was senior scientist at NanoGram Corporation, where she worked on nanoparticle synthesis and surface modification. She developed nanocomposite films for multiple applications including refractive index tuning, anti-reflection coating, and light emitting films. Karen originates from China. She graduated from Jilin University with a Ph.D in Chemistry. She received the Stanford LEAD certificate (corporate innovation) in 2017. With over 25 years of experience in polymer science, nanotechnology and display industry, Karen as 27 publications and more than 40 issued patents.

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